What used to be a past time surprisingly turned into a passion. It all started with endless adjustments of ISO, shutter speed and apertures until I get familiarized with the camera. Never ever felt reluctant with anything that comes with colors, concepts, ideas, ‘cause these are all the spices to make a perfect photo composition.

Others may say photography is a good past time but to myself I call it a passion, because for some reasons I never get tired of it, I always love what I do, I never lost interest capturing priceless moments. And now I am certain to take a notch higher, aside from the fact that I really want to pursue it any further.

Everyone seems to be in photography (young and old, pros and ordinary people, you name it they’re all bitten by photography bug) but truly not everyone has a heart for photography. Not to mention the fact that photography is time consuming and extremely an expensive hobby, but despite it all it’s definitely a money well spent investment I must admit.

My happiness are my photographs (and of course my gf too =p ). My photographs are My life. That’s why I have to make a difference that each click of my camera captures so much feelings and laughter that even with no words, my photographs will say it all.

Clark Buiser